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Offers for Existing Casino Slot Players

It is an exciting time for online casino players, and that is for both new and old players. Before when the competition is really fierce among them, most of the effort is luring new customers in and they only offered freebies, free spins and the like to new and potential customers. Now that the internet is almost saturated with a lot of online sites the fight to keep existing customers just got real. Now every bonus and free stuff that could be given away is being offered to both new and existing customer. This is how the customer retention game is being played in the online casino gambling scene. What are these offerings anyway? Continue reading for more information right down below.

 There Are A Lot Of Freebies In Online Casinos

Aside from offering no deposits, free tries, bonus money on this Slot Sites page, and other signing up bonuses casinos online casinos also offer a lot of free games. You can actually win free and real money by playing on these free games. Without any money coming out of your own pocket. In some cases, like in a free poker freeroll tournament, one can win some really sweet actual money.

The Wheels for Bonuses

Free bonus wheels are a staple and a common way for casinos to keep their players right where they want them. Some online casinos actually offer free spins every single time you log in daily. It is a special slot machine that gives out bonuses. There is even one that has a jackpot of a million dollars.

Casino4U's Slot SitesThe Spins On Entries

Another kind of freebie is free spins on a wheel which spits out entries to a grand raffle draw which again will give you a chance and a shot at winning some very real actual money.

Deposit Spins

Deposit free spins happen whenever you make a deposit on your bankroll. Online casinos offer free spins, usually, one spin per dollar deposited. This may seem small but it adds up the more that you play and therefore more chances for you to win and leave the casino with more than when you came in.

Free Rolls

Yet again another kind of temptation that online casinos dangle in front of their players. Freerolls are given every day for new and existing customers. The freerolls are low stakes but then again they add up. If not for anything else the chance to gain experience while not spending a single penny is what we call bang for the buck.